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The women that you see pictured here  are a few who have left an lasting impression on the tradition of African American music. I am privilege to be able to carry on this precious tradition in my music as an artist expression of my heritage. Although, I may not have met them personally the quality of my work reflects my aspiration to be the best I can be. It is a tribute to them  saying thank you for sharing your tremendous talent which is an source inspiration for me. I am always willing to practice to do better.

I am grateful to God for giving  me the gift of music and as I share it with the world I hope to add a measure of peace and harmony at  the banquet table of humanity where all are welcome. I was raise to believe that you can do anything that you put in your mind to achieve. I have achieved many of my aspirations served in the armed forces, had a career in nursing.

Now, I am on a journey of success through music.  As a musician and scholar ,I hope to stimulate, educated, motivate and rejuvenate the minds of many who encounter my passion for the arts. My legacy of sound will testify that there is someone greater then I who I serve with all my heart though my music. Musically Successful, Ashay

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